got 2 BELIEVE the soundtrack

Rico Yan -- Got 2 Believe.jpg (99299 bytes) orginal motion picture soundtrack

(compact disc soundtrack)

11 great tracks by such artists as:

Side A, Freshmen, Piolo Pascual, Jessa Zaragosa, Dianne Dela Fuente, Tootsie Guevara, Tin Arnaldo, Roselle Nava, Jimmy Bondoc, Stagecrew and a bonus track with Rico Yan & Claudine Barretto singing

"Got To Believe In Magic"

got 2 BELIEVE the movie

GOT 2 BELIEVE VCD Movie.jpg (112238 bytes)  got 2 Believe VCD movie
$11.95/ (video compact disc)


Rico_Yan_--_Got_2_Believe.jpg (114574 bytes)got 2 Believe CD soundtrack

$10.95/ (soundtrack compact disc)



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$12.95/ VHS (videotape)