A musical instrument common to many regions in Asia is the jaw harp or mouth harp,
often referred to as "jew's harp".
The jaw harp is a slim bamboo instrument appoximately of ball-pen size, of different shapes 
and lengths varying from 10 cm. to 40 cm. One end of the bamboo is placed horizontally
between the lips, the player moving his jew in goatlike fashion blowing air into the concave
slit, while he strikes the projecting tongue end with his tumb. A limited melody of beautiful
quality is produced by increasing or decreasing the force of the air blown into the split
opening and depending on the speed of the player's percussing thumb. One can literally speaks
through the mouth harp with rythmic syllables which can be recognized. Messages could be sent
through this means of communication.
	Found all over the Philippines, the mouth harp is called Kubing among the Mindanao
trives ( Maguindanao and Maranao ), Kulaing in Cotabato, Subing in Visayas, Barmbaw among the
Tagalogs, Kollibaw among the Negritos, Kinaban among the Hanunoo Mangyans, Afiw (made of metal)
among the Bontocs, and Coding among the Ibaloys and Kalingas.
	With this instrument, it is said that courtships are made and the common words and 
language of love and lovemaking can easily be expressed. 

 KUBING  - Maranaw Jaw Harp
Hand-Carved Bamboo               
(bamboo jaw harp)

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